About Us


ALBAHETH COMPANY FOR GOLD AND METAL DETECTORS for trade of gold , metal , precious metals , groundwater , caves and voids detectors


Is one of the most powerful Arab and local centers specialized in the sale and trade detect gold and treasures of precious metals and groundwater bodies in the ground, is one of the largest centers in the Middle East and exclusive agents for Best Plant Global producing detectors and prospecting and turn agents exclusive to these products we provide to all our customers with confidence and credibility of the event desired.

But not limited services on the sale and trade of these devices normally but our experience that extends for more than 10 years in exploration help us basically the actual successful product of choice for the customer to save time, effort and money it and this is the most important thing and it is important for any user of the devices have worked throughout our work in this area through our experiences with these devices on the development of these devices through its plants through the company that produces the result of the work, friction and experiences in these devices ideas.

Sales Department

And which in turn provide all sales services to customers, which consists of specialists in the detection devices to provide expertise and advice to the client

Continue Department

This service is provided at the customer's purchase of our products that allow the client to connect to this section shall ask all the necessary questions about the device in case you forget anything in the operation of the device or ask a question in exploration in general

Maintenance section

In the case of the destruction of any product that the customer had bought from our company can go to the maintenance section to deposit his machine when this section of the department in turn work maintenance of the device at a given time.